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Bail Bond Process


In the meantime, let Vanguard Bail Bonds Inc. answer the question:

What is a bail bond? 
A citizen who has been arrested will generally (but not always) have an opportunity to be released from jail to await trial. Bail will be paid to the court ensuring that the accused will return to said court for future court dates. Many people do not have the full amount of bail and thus arrange with an agency or bondsmen for a bail bond. This bond is a contract between the accused individual and the bondsman or agency in which the bondsman pays the accused person’s bail in return for a small fee. Such an arrangement generally requires that collateral such as jewelry, securities, car titles, and even mortgage deeds be put up to the bondsman. When the accused appears for subsequent court dates, such collateral is released. Should the accused “skip” or “jump” bail (not show up for court dates), the bondsman is entitled to use bail enforcement agents (bounty hunters) to find the accused individual.

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